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PEMF Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Answered

What is PEMF?

Reading this website you will find more detailed explanations of PEMF. But in plain talk, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field sessions deliver a pulsed field that surrounds the body in healing energy. Some have described it as “a battery recharger for the human cell” or “magnetically induced cellular exercise”.

What is a PEMF session like?

All that is required of the patient is to simply lie on a mat or sit with a device placed on the treatment site. Since no physical activity is involved for the patient, most folks feel relaxed during the process.

Will I feel any pain during the treatment?

NO. The magnetic-pulses can be adjusted to you individually so they do not hurt. However, you will feel the pulsing of the magnetic current during treatment.

Who can use PEMF?

Anyone from the very young to the elderly can use PEMF safely and without negative side effects. The only contraindications are for those individuals with pacemakers, insulin pumps, or other electrical implants, and pregnancy.

Do I have to undress for the treatment?

NO. All treatments are administered with you being fully dressed.

How long does a treatment take?

Treatment sessions are about 10 min due to the strength of our device.

What is the frequency?

It has a pulse frequency from 1 to 200 pulses per minute.
I have metal implants. Will the PEMF do any harm to me?

Metal implants in general are fine so long as the area is treated with the recommendations of our doctor.

How can I optimize PEMF treatment?

Try drinking lots of water. PEMFs stimulate currents in tissues. These currents simply don’t flow well without hydration. Thus, drinking 8 glasses of water a day is necessary for individuals using PEMFs. Following the doctors nutritional recommendations will also assist as mineral content helps with PEMF.

I use magnets for my wrist and back. How is a pulsed electromagnetic field different than a magnet?

A static magnet is limited to a constant magnetic field whereas pulsed electromagnetic fields involve frequencies thus creating much more profound actions in the body. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are produced when an electrical current passes through a frequency generator. A property of physics is that where there is an electrical current, there is an ensuing magnetic field. The frequencies then ride on the magnetic field, which then pass to the body.

The most important element of pulsed electromagnetic fields is that they are based on specific generated frequencies that resonate with the same cellular frequencies in the body. For example, this resonance affects the red blood cell membrane with release of nitric oxide, NO, among many other actions that cause blood vessel dilatation. This improves circulation of blood and therefore oxygen to tissues.

How much power does your device produce?

Our device provides 2400 to 21000 Gauss (which converts to .24 to 2.1Tesla) Our pulse delivers electromagnetic energy penetrating the cell barrier to provide the body instantly usable energy. This makes dramatic improvement possible in a short period of time. If you have an acute or serious condition it is important you use a commercial device that can deliver the dosage needed. You should be able to feel the pulse in most places treated.

I need evidence. Is there research behind the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields?

Yes, 30 years of solid research. With the introduction and ongoing use of pulsed electromagnetic fields to the body, an induction of electrons creates a natural resonance that the body and its cells recognize and work to maintain. There are over 2000 studies.

What immediate changes should I look for in my body?

Everyone responds differently to PEMFs. Some people feel an increase in energy. Most feel more relaxed muscles, and a definite decrease in their symptoms. Also better breathing and deeper sleep.


PEMF Frequently Asked Questions