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Active Health & Wellness Reviews

What Our Boise Patients Say

At Active Health & Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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I always feel so much better after going to Dr. Watson.  Wonderful people. ~Peggy G.

Thank you for taking me during your lunch break. I arrived too early. ~Anna W

After going to Dr Watson at Active Health & Wellness, this is the best I have felt in a long time! I have a ton of energy, I am losing weight, feeling healthy and balancing a healthy lifestyle without the stress. Dr Watson and his staff are highly knowledgeable and great to work with. The girls are really sweet and are willing to answer questions and help with anything I might need. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make a change in their lifestyle to be healthier, if nothing else, to just FEEL better! ~Kim S.

Great experience, very friendly, knowledgable, teats you like family. ~Braden R.

Pleasant ~anonymous

I can’t recommend Boise Cryotherapy enough. Dr. Jesse and Staff (Eagle office) completely fixed my back issue due to a weight lifting accident. I will continue my visits to maintain my health and overall well being. Don’t hesitate to contact them! ~B.A.

Excellent job! Thanks! ~Robert P.

Superb improvement in my health. No fear of injury by forceful adjustment. Comprehensive evaluation BEFORE treatment. Glad to be active again. ~Julia A.

They really are looking out for your well being not just your money. ~Kendra B.

Always outstanding service and a friendly atmosphere!! My health has definitely improved since I’ve been coming to Boise Cryotherapy. Its very convenient to have two locations in Boise and Eagle.

Had specific problem areas and between the Dr. and therapist, I feel great.  ~Joan L.

This visit was a great experience. I hope to visit again in the near future! Very friendly and professional. ~Chris N.

Looking forward to coming back! ~Anni L.

Superb improvement in my health. No fear of injury by forceful adjustment. Comprehensive evaluation BEFORE treatment. Glad to be active again. ~Julia A.

Dr Jessie, Angie, and Tess are amazing. The services they provide have completed change our quality of life for the better. We highly recommend Boise Cryotherapy to everyone we talk to. ~Jeremy M

Great services, very professional staff. They offer a much wider range of services than just a “regular” chiropractor. They definitely live up to their name, offering preventative services to keep you out of the doctors office and living a healthy, pain-free, active life. ~Catherine J.

I learned more, about my health issues, in the short time I was in this office, than I have over the last few years. Excited to start my lifestyle change with the guidance of Active Health & Wellness. ~Linda E.

Last April my friend referred me to Active Health & Wellness. I had been to other similar places only to be disappointed. (I often felt they were more interested if I had insurance than in helping me) She was certain I would feel differently about this clinic, and she was right.Initially I went for problem with my neck. Within a short period of time, the discomfort level went from about 8 down to 1.

Even more exciting, I tried the lipo light, and cryotherepy sessions and along with the nutritional information Dr Watson and his staff have shared with me I have had great success! It has inspired me to continue on the path to a more healthy me. I can honestly say, I would not have been able to maintain my goals if it weren’t for Dr Watson and his wonderful staff.

I have never felt pressered to spend thousands on weightloss programs (like I was at other clinics). At Active Health & Wellness they give the best support, information and tools to help you on your path. Whether that is freedom from pain, or better nutritional health.

If you are reading this, make that call. It could change your life. ~Deb P.

I received a health analysis as a gift. This exceeded my expectations to be sure. The staff was very gracious and informative and my experience was very satisfying. I am looking forward to my next visit. Active Health & Wellness has state of the art equipment for treatments. I for one am very exited to be able to utilize them. I highly recommend them for your health needs. ~Denise M.

My first appointment was positive. The people are extremely friendly and resourceful. The doctor was attentive and wasn’t rushed. I look forward to my second appointment and creating a health strategy that works for me. ~Jerri M.

The best office in town! Not only does Dr Watson provide the best chiropractic care, he also is very interested in helping his patients become more nutritionally fit as well.

He provides wonderful counseling for each individual, helping anyone who is interested in becoming more physically and nutritionally fit! ~Anonymous

Thank you for answering my questions and guiding me through my journey to health and fitness. I have a long way to go but feel I am finally back on board and on track. Whahoo!

I really appreciate the knowledge, suggestions and advice you all share with me. I especially appreciate Charity’s knowledgable, personal and caring way she greets and assists me in the things I need to know, ask, remember and be aware of. Thank you so much for always sharing with me.

I am so pleased to have found a doctor that can help me get down to what is really happening or has happened to my systems that has made me feel so old and limited both physically and mentally. I look forward to your help in achieving a much happier, easier, and healthier life me. ~Sherrie B.

Everyone on the staff is awesome! ~David B.

Always excellent Chiropractic care. ~Robert P.

I am pain free and back to almost normal activity. Thank you. ~Julia A.

I was well informed about scan results and give options to help support my optimal health. Very professional and staff is very assertive. ~Christi T.

Very organized, efficient, thorough, professional and courteous. A very enjoyable and personable experience. ~Anonymous

Dr Watson has a passion for helping people feel better. Charity is so kind and sweet. I am very impressed of how much I get for my money. ~Eva D.

My hand has been bothering me, Dr. Watson worked on it and it feels so much better, I never even thought to have him look at my hand, yea for me. ~Peggy D.

Friendly staff and a very nice facility. ~Karla G.

After a fall,I was in alot of pain.Now I am pain free.THANK YOU! ~Roberta C.

The service was Excellent! ~Robert P.

Very informative. Was very interesting to see the X-rays and the impressions of my feet. Dr. Watson is very professional and seems very pationate about helping me with my issues and a plan to releave them or correct them. Am excited to start work and start feeling better. ~Joan L.

Wonderful Staff, warm office space. ~Anonymous

I had a good first appointment. Everyone was helpful, informative and professional. I am looking forward to a follow up visit. ~Christi T.

My first appointment was positive. The people are extremely friendly and resourceful. The doctor was attentive and wasn’t rushed. I look forward to my second appointment and creating a health strategy that works for me. ~Jerri M.

Recently I was referred to Active Health & Wellness by a friend. I wasn’t sleeping well and had continual pain in my lower back and right side of my neck.

After being examined by Dr. Watson, he personalized a treatment program for me.

I’m into my second week of treatment and the results are huge! I’m sleeping better than I have in years, and walking stronger.

He and his staff are awesome! ~Deb P.

My experiences with Active Health & Wellness have always been excellent. ~Anonymous

Dr. Watson is more awesome than Sherlock Holmes. (I had a severe reaction to gluten that was missed by 6+ doctors over many years. Dr. Watson immediately put my symptoms together and had me tested for food allergies.) Also, Charity is an asset to Active Health & Wellness and shall not be overlooked for her contributions. ~Megan T.

I have had excellent results since going to Active Health & Wellness. The staff is very friendly and helpful. ~Ranae D.

Very professional. Just one visit and I already feel the benefits from the cryotherapy. ~Della A.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and the friendly staff. The information that was given to me by the Dr. was very helpful and I hope to return soon. This was ME time and they proved that they are there to take care of me, thanks for making my day and every minute was worth it.  ~Teresa V.

Staff was genuinely kind and caring. ~Gavrila C.

Doc is great. He has an “overall health” concern for his patients. I can always be seen when I need him, even between appts. ~Anna W.

They made me feel so comfortable, Dr.Watson and Charity are so so nice ~Peggy G.

I took my 8 year old son in to see Dr. Watson because he suffered from severe allergies. His pediatrician wanted to put him on steroids and I just couldn’t do that to him and wanted to find an alternative. My son was constantly tormented with a stuffy nose and coughing year round. Dr. Watson treated my son then did food allergy testing on him. As soon as we go the results back we followed the program. Since I have removed foods that my son is allergic to, his allergies have dissipated completely. No more constant runny nose and coughing. Thanks to Active Health & Wellness my sons overall health has improved greatly and he is a much happier and healthier 8 year old boy! ~Anonymous

My experience at Active Health & Wellness has been excellent. I would recommend anyone looking for a great Chiropractor to visit Dr. Watson. His knowledge and expertise in chiropractic and overall health is fantastic. His office is very nice and his staff is extremely friendly as well as knowledgeable. ~Anonymous

Dr. Watson and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The moment you walk in the door you feel relaxed. Dr. Watson has greatly improved my overall health and my life. He’s an excellent chiropractor and is very educated on all matters concerning health. When I began seeing him I suffered from intense migraines and had constant headaches throughout the day. After only a few treatments the headaches have completely subsided. Also the vitamins he recommended have significantly improved my energy levels, my focus and concentration. I feel very well taken care at Active Health & Wellness and would recommend them to anyone looking to better their health and their life! ~Michelle M.

While I know Dr. Watson is very busy he always takes time to address my questions when I come in. ~Vicki B.

I have had excellent results from Dr. Watson”s chiropractic care. I was a mess when I first started seeing the doc.but after a year of treatment my whole body moves better,my back doesn;t hurt anymore and I have lots more energy. Anyone who has arthritus, bad discs or DJD should see what the Doc, can do for you,seriously!! ~Lynnette H.

I am very pleased with the level of service at Active Health & Wellness. I was energized by the B12 injections and have decided to continue my relationship with Active by seeking other treatment from them. ~Debbie E.

Dr. Watson and the rest of the staff at Active Health & Wellness are super. Since starting to go there for regular adjustments, I feel better than I have for years. Scheduling is easy and the environment at the office is friendly. ~Anonymous

Active Health & Wellness Reviews