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New Patients at Active Health & Wellness

Filling out paperworkDiscover a healthcare experience like no other at Active Health & Wellness. Our space strikes a harmonious balance between a medical atmosphere and a wellness retreat. We avoid clinical starkness and instead prioritize creating a comfortable, professional environment.

Seamless Booking for Specialized Services

We understand that not everyone follows the traditional route to health care. For those interested in specific services such as cryotherapy, scheduling is a breeze—no prior consultation is required. For chiropractic care, functional medicine, or spinal decompression therapy, an evaluation with one of our doctors is the first step.

The First Exam:

A Quick and Painless Process

Embarking on your wellness journey starts with a 30-minute evaluation. Online paperwork streamlines the process, and upon arrival, a few additional signatures are all that’s needed. Then you’ll meet with your chiropractor for a consultation, including specific diagnostic procedures such as an EMG, foot scan, and X-rays to give us a comprehensive understanding of your health status. At this visit, you will receive some care—chiropractic adjustments or other therapies, as needed.

Report of Findings:

Setting the Path Forward

At your second visit, we’ll review our findings from your assessments and lay out our recommendations for care. This session lasts about 15 minutes and lays the groundwork for your future care. Depending on your unique needs, your care may include adjustments, spinal decompression, or a combination of services tailored to your health goals.

Ongoing Visits:

Tailored to Your Needs

Subsequent visits vary in length based on the array of services chosen. Whether it’s a quick adjustment or a combination of therapies, our team ensures that each visit aligns with your individualized care plan.

Offering an Array of Payment Options

Active Health & Wellness is committed to making quality care accessible to all. We offer various payment options, including health insurance, wellness memberships, payment plans, and coverage for auto accidents. If you have Medicare, we streamline the process by submitting receipts on your behalf.

Take That First Step Toward Optimal Health

Contact us today to embark on your journey to optimal health at Active Health & Wellness, where comfort, technology, and personalized care converge for a truly transformative experience. Be sure to ask about our new patient special!


New Patients at Active Health & Wellness