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Auto Accident Injury in Boise and Eagle

Boise Chiropractic Auto Injury Patients Find Relief

Woman with neck pain after accidentOur mission is to resolve headaches, back and neck pain from injuries using non-invasive chiropractic treatments, quickly returning patients to optimum health and wellness. Dr. Jason Watson and his team have helped many Boise residents who have suffered an auto injury by dynamically treating injuries (especially whiplash) and promoting overall health.

Our treatments are customized for each patient and can include non-invasive therapies like flexion/distraction therapy, whole body cryotherapy, mechanical traction, musculoskeletal adjustments to both spine and extremities, and power plate exercises.

We address improper support with custom orthotics and cervical pillows. We also address improper curvature of the spine once your nerves are balanced and ready for corrective care.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is muscle, ligament and tendon damage caused to the neck or upper back resulting from the violent movement of the head during auto accident. Symptoms can include back pain, neck pain and headaches. Chiropractor Dr. Jason Watson wants to put you on the road to complete recovery after an auto accident Injury. Often, symptoms of whiplash are delayed by weeks or months after an auto injury. So if you have been involved in a car accident, have your spinal health evaluated for auto injury by a licensed Boise chiropractor. It is important to know that undiagnosed and untreated whiplash can cause unnecessary chronic pain for months and years.

When we identify and resolve whiplash early, you avoid more serious complications and permanent damage to tissues. Too often, whiplash victims suffer ongoing symptoms years after the accident and insurance claims have been settled. For your health and well-being, do not assume that no immediate pain after an accident means you are fine.  A professional examination that includes an EMG can save you years of whiplash pain.

Flexion/Distraction Therapy

Flexion/Distraction Therapy treatments temporarily increase space between vertebrae relieving tension between vertebrae, relieving pressure on nerves and improving circulation. It also allows slightly increased space for the center of the disc to reset itself naturally. Cryotherapy, not to be confused with cold therapy, uses temperatures below -220 degrees to treat inflammation and swelling allowing us reduce pain and return tissues to more normal function quickly. Mechanical Traction uses a variety of devices to relieve pressure between vertebrae to reduce or eliminate patient pain. Power Plate Exercise is a vibration exercise that passively works all muscle groups for increased flexibility, strength, circulation, and metabolism without stressing joints.

Make an Appointment

If you have suffered an auto injury or have been in an auto accident, we encourage you to come in for a chiropractic exam from Dr. Watson. Contact us today!


Auto Accident Injury Boise, Eagle ID