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Chiropractor in Boise ID

Dr. Jason Watson, a Boise chiropractor, and the team at Active Health & Wellness welcomes you to our website!

Our services include therapies helping with; Pain, inflammation, headaches, allergies, asthma, weight loss,  ADHD, and digestive disorders.  In addition we incorporate cutting edge technology for chiropractic care including spinal decompression, power plate training, and whole body cryotherapy.  Body contouring fat reduction with Lipo-light therapy is another service you will want to take advantage of at Active Health & Wellness.

Our Mission:

Dr. Jason Watson believes in a holistic, or "whole person," plan of care.  Back pain, headaches, pain from auto injury and many other ailments attack the body systematically, and can be exacerbated by other conditions in the body.  We believe that by treating you as a complete person, we can more effectively treat your specific problems, speed up healing, and make your new state of wellness permanent.

What can you expect?

The chiropractic treatments and tools we offer employ the latest and most advanced techniques. Our Boise chiropractor has a long history in helping people achieve wellness. Dr. Watson helps patients heal from pain and injuries quickly while at the same time helping them start on a path to overall wellness. He continues to stay at the forefront of healthcare; implementing new developments, techniques, and equipment as they become available.  You can expect to receive the best quality care and service using the latest technology available today.

What can we help with?

Common complaints treated by our Boise chiropractor include back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and pain in the arms and legs.  These symptoms can be a result of an auto injury, but they can also be caused by work accidents, sports injuries, obesity, and other lifestyle choices.  Examples of lesser known problems that can be helped by our Boise Chiropractor include allergies, digestive complaints, asthma, weight loss, and inflammation.

We use the latest technology and procedures to treat all ailments. Low force adjustments, power plate training, and non-invasive spinal decompression techniques are only the beginning of how we can help you achieve your optimal health.  Massage therapy, posture correction, therapeutic exercise, and new lifestyle choices may be essential to reach full rehabilitation from your injury.  Our chiropractor and staff will help you design a course of therapy that will not only bring you to recovery from your chronic back pain, headaches, or other ailments, but can also help you achieve your maximum potential.

We also provide weight loss services, science based nutritional counseling, full blood and hair analysis, allergy testing, B12 injections, Lipotropic injections, and Lipo-light therapy.  Being overweight and having a bad diet can perpetuate your chronic pain, putting increased pressure on your spine and joints, and not providing them the proper hydration and nutrition.  Making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes can bring you beyond your accustomed level of health, and into new realms of well-being, vastly improving your overall life.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can offer you, take a moment and look around our website.  There are many resources here that you can take advantage of.  If you have decided that we can help you "Be Active, Be Healthy, 4-LIFE," call our Boise clinic at 208-344-5433 and embark on your journey to a pain-free life.

By Jason Watson

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